Susan Brantley

Internet Ghostwriter

Supporting Your Online Business

    • Struggling to write for your website?
    • Running out of ideas for your blog?
    • Need to connect with your audience?

Let me help!

Hi, I’m Susan!


I’m known as the Internet Ghostwriter because I love to create website content for struggling bloggers and business owners.

Let’s work together to get YOU the most benefit from being online. 

Call on me whenever you need high-quality writing, research, and blog support services!

You’ll get engaging copy, personalized strategy, and trusted editorial guidance.

Take a break from the endless demand for new material!

I’ll happily do all the background work to keep your website a must-read.


Available Services

I’ll set up your blog and write your content so you don’t have to.

Blog Setup

WordPress Websites
Website Content
Site Maintenance & Support

Blog Support

Editorial Services

Writing & Marketing

Blog Posts

My Blog

Plus I write about online marketing strategies for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Don't Let This Be You!

Juggling the demands of running your business can become a nightmare when you’re taking on too much.

Don’t deal with those frustrations by yourself.

Outsourcing your content creation rewards you with one less headache and more time to handle what you do best.

Save your sanity and take some of the pressure off!

Let me help!

Let’s Work Together!

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