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Hi! I’m Susan Brantley,
the Internet Ghostwriter.

I’m a content creator based in Southern California’s world-renowned Coachella Valley, and I love to write for busy entrepreneurs and business owners who struggle with what to say online.

Know what you want your website to represent but can’t quite put it into words? I’ll help you find your voice so you can express yourself clearly and with confidence.

Need a break from constantly writing new blogs, or a helping hand getting them posted? I’ll support you with everything you need to manage your editorial calendar.

Ready to develop a fanbase of readers eagerly looking forward to hearing from you, but no clue as to how to get your point across? I’ll write the words to get you noticed.

I’m fully committed to empowering your online success!

Simply contact me to discuss your needs and discover how working with the Internet Ghostwriter can help your business thrive.

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