Website redesign: Do you really need it? The look and “feel” of your website can certainly have an effect on how many visitors you attract and how they interact with your site. Slow, dowdy websites turn visitors away. That means your bottom line takes a hit.

Your website is your digital calling card. These days, it’s your most important business asset. Keeping it fresh and attractive is more than an exercise in keeping up with the Joneses, though. It’s an opportunity to rebrand and refocus your business. Or showcase new products and services. Or appeal to a new clientele.

Have you refreshed your site lately? You should review it with a critical eye every so often to make sure it’s still interesting to your audience and keeping up with current design trends. Not to be trendy, but to stay relevant to your target market and generate new visitors.

Outdated sites have more problems than simply looking obsolete. Let’s take a look at seven signs it’s time for a website redesign.

It looks dated.

Old-school websites look uncared for and are not visually appealing. Adding new content is not enough if the site is not engaging. Show web surfers a beautifully designed site with a modern layout and interesting visuals. You’ll probably notice visitors spending more time rather than quickly clicking away.

Website redesign: Do you really need it? Outdated sites have more problems than simply looking obsolete.

Outdated sites have more problems than simply looking obsolete.

It’s dysfunctional/not user-friendly.

Poorly designed sites make it difficult for people to find the information they seek. They might click around for a few minutes before leaving the site in frustration. Direct your users with easy-to-locate navigation and they will likely stay longer.

It’s too slow.

Current recommendations call for webpage load times of 3 seconds in this short-attention-span age. If you can’t quickly catch a visitor’s attention, they’ll probably move on to another faster-loading competitor. Your refreshed website won’t keep them waiting.

It’s not responsive or mobile-friendly.

Unless your site is optimized for various screen sizes, it can be difficult to understand or browse effectively. Visitors view your site on everything from tiny mobile screens to humungous TV-sized monitors. Be sure they can use your redesigned website effectively no matter the screen size.

It’s a security risk or has been hacked.

Another problem with old-fashioned websites is they can be easily compromised. If you’re not keeping up with theme and plugin updates, your site is a definite security risk. Keeping your website updated is one of the best ways to deter hackers.

Your business has changed focus.

What started out as one thing has lead to another and another. You’ve totally revamped your product line or have developed new services. You no longer cater to the same market, or you want to attract a different clientele. Announce your new direction with a refreshed website to attract new visitors and impress your regulars.

To update marketing strategies.

If you’re still using outdated marketing techniques, you’ll soon find yourself left behind in this digital era. Upgrade your business model using the latest approaches and a redesigned website to promote your new direction.

Closing thoughts.

How often should you undertake a website redesign? If you have any of these issues, it’s time to get started. Don’t think in terms of years or months, though, because the website you recently launched might already be stale.

Check for tell-tale signs that your site is not performing at its best. Is your traffic down? Have your sales declined? A website redesign might be just the thing to help get you back on track.

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