INFOGRAPHIC: Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Business

INFOGRAPHIC: Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Business

WordPress plugins, add-ons that enhance functionality and optimize your website, are sometimes cited in complaints that WordPress is not perfect. And of course, nothing is. But it’s not the CMS of choice for close to 30% of the internet without reason.

Because WordPress is open-source software, developers are free to create solutions that address any number of website issues. This leads to the overwhelming array of plugins available. How to know what you really need to get WordPress to work at peak performance for YOUR particular business needs?

WordPress dominates the market due to its versatility and the ability to add almost unlimited features. You can create a robust, optimized website using your perfect combination of tools.

The sheer number of plugins available on the WordPress repository (55,241 and counting ) can produce confusion and frustration, though, unless you have a plan. And the candy-store approach might negatively impact your site’s performance if you install too many incompatible plugins.

Please don’t install a treasure-trove of unnecessary plugins! Cut through the clutter and address the most vital issues with these suggestions and the best available solutions to address the needs of your website.

Why WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are essential to enhance the performance of your business website.

WordPress plugins are essential to enhance the performance of your business website.

The multitude of websites is what drives the abundance of plugins. They’ve been designed to solve almost every WordPress website’s needs. Because of this, so many plugins exist that exploring the WordPress plugins repository can seem daunting.

But there are several reasons to stick to the basics, especially during the first stages of your website’s implementation.
1. Don’t overwhelm your site with too many plugins at any one time. Just like themes, disable and remove any that you aren’t using to keep your site clean and optimized instead of bloated and slow.
2. The more unnecessary plugins you install, the more likely you are to experience an incompatibility issue. Again, keep your site lean and clean for optimal performance.

Free vs. Freemium vs. Premium Pricing

With some 643 pages of free plugins, you’re pretty sure to find the perfect solution to your website’s needs at no cost.

These days, though, many plugins and themes are offered under a “freemium” pricing plan. A limited set of functions is available for free, then you’ll pay to upgrade for more capabilities.

Often the premium plan is worth the cost, but a word of caution: Some “free” offerings are so stripped of any real functionality that they are basically worthless.

So always fully investigate any plugins before committing to a solution. Read the reviews, note the number of installations, and be sure the developer offers support and updates.

All About Automattic

No, of course that’s not a typo! Automattic is the development team behind WordPress itself and many of its complementary elements. Their products are prominently featured in the repository, highly rated, and well-regarded in the WordPress development community for a reason.

Always “passionate about making the web a better place,” they have developed a number of options to do just that.

Jetpack offers brute force attack protection, malware scanning, and downtime alerts. Marketing tools include social media sharing and connection to the WordPress ad program. They even offer a WordPress theme marketplace and a helpful blog!

That said, the free and personal pricing levels are, frankly, not comprehensive enough to optimize a small business website. However, the Premium plan, at $9/month or $99/year, is generally a good fit. And it includes integration with the next two tools, too.

Akismet filters out comment spam so you don’t have to do it manually, and works seamlessly with other WordPress plugins as well as Jetpack.

And even if you don’t install Jetpack you can still get Akismet for a reasonable $5 monthly per site, with spam protection and priority support, on their Plus pricing plan.

VaultPress provides an extra layer of security on top of Jetpack and has partnered with Akismet to address spam sitewide. So once you buy a Jetpack Premium plan, you’ll get the complete package of protection.

WP Super Cache is a top-rated plugin for increasing page load speeds and optimizing overall site performance, but unfortunately is not included with Jetpack.

I use the Premium plan and honestly have never needed to call on customer service or support for any issues or problems. In researching this article, though, I’ve learned that I’m not taking advantage of nearly enough of what they have to offer, so I’m setting aside some time to fix that!

Security Plugins

Well that’s all covered above, right? Not exactly. Harden your business website using a variety of tools. To stay ahead of trespassers, here are three more highly recommended security WordPress plugins.

Sucuri offers a free plugin to complement your site’s security, in addition to premium services and pricing. You can also scan your site for issues using their free online SiteCheck tool.

Wordfence Security is a comprehensive suite of security features specifically designed for WordPress. It provides even more protection with premium features and pricing.

All In One WP Security & Firewall is a free security solution offering an extensive feature set.

And best of all, these products give you added peace of mind, knowing that your most valuable business asset is protected from multiple threats 24/7/365.

Backup Plugins

How would your business recover should your website be damaged or compromised? Always have a complete backup available. Try any of these three top-rated WordPress plugins for backups:

All-in-One WP Migration does double duty. Store a complete site backup in your choice of locations. Premium selections include Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. This nifty plugin can also migrate a complete clone of your site from one environment to another. Clone a site and download it to staging, then upload it to the URL to give a seamless redesign.

Updraft Plus WordPress Backup Plugin is quick, simple, and safe. It backs up to more cloud services at no charge than some plugins and can restore as well as back up your website even on its free plan.

BackUpWordPress is super simple to use and backs up your entire site on a schedule that you decide. It also supports offsite storage to Dropbox and Google Drive, among others, at no extra charge.

Having a complete, pre-disaster backup of your site in case of disturbances is sure to help you sleep better at night.

Search Engine Optimization Plugins

SEO is the first improvement most people think of to maximize their website’s overall performance. That’s because being easily located by search engines gains importance every day.

Yoast is probably the best-known WordPress plugin when it comes to SEO, and for good reason. Their free version is quite robust and can help your site rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches. The premium version is even more comprehensive and might be worth checking out for your website at $89 for one site for one year, with free updates and support during that period.

Google XML Sitemaps is another solution in the marketplace. It creates sitemaps to help Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even better index your site. It also notifies major search engines when your site creates a post about new content. Google XML Sitemaps is completely free on personal and commercial sites.

All in One SEO Pack provides video tutorials on its downloads page to walk you through every aspect of configuring its general settings through performance options. The Pro feature set includes advanced support for WooCommerce.

Optimization Plugins

W3 Total Cache enhances your SEO tactics and mobile responsiveness by increasing page load speeds.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization reduces image sizes to meet the same goal if your site is image-heavy.

WP-Optimize automatically keeps your WordPress database clean and functioning at peak performance.

Analytics Plugins

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights, Sumo Analytics, Slimstat Analytics and Google Analytics Dashboard for WP are all superior alternatives for understanding website traffic.


This brief round-up should give you a good idea of the most essential WordPress plugins you will need to begin optimizing your website.

WordPress plugins work for every business goal and enable every website to perform at its highest level. Take some time to review your company’s needs and decide how using some of these solutions might improve your bottom line for the better.

Which WordPress plugins have helped your business website excel? Let us know in the Comments!

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Essential WP plugins for business.

Essential WP plugins for business.

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